27. September 2016


RIWIS cities logistics

The cities picked by bulwiengesa AG for its RIWIS database are grouped into four categories depending on their functional significance for the international, national, regional or local real estate market:

Class A cities:
Germany’s leading centres, having national and in some cases international significance. Large functional markets across segments. Example: a total office stock of more than 7 million sqm, a long-term average take-up of more than 150,000 sqm, and a long-term average prime rent of 16.00 euros/sqm or more.

Class B cities:
Major cities of national and regional significance.
Example: a total office stock between 2 and 5 million sqm, a take-up normally exceeding 35,000 sqm, a long-term average prime rent of 12.00 euros/sqm or more.

Class C cities:
Important cities of regional and to some extent national significance, and serving as centre for the surrounding region.

Class D cities:
Small towns of regional focus with a central role for the directly surrounding countryside; marked by lower market volume and take-up.